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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back from Greece

So I guess I've been a bit lazy this with blog. I had plans to go to Greece on vacation, but needed to get some data in lab, so I worked crazy long hours and just couldn't squeeze in the extra time to write stuff up.

My vacation in Greece was unreal. Santorini was absolutely gorgeous. Words cannot describe the beauty of this island. I ate so much yummy food in Greece, especially in Santorini. I have some great recommendations if anyone wants to hear them. :) I did love their cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Their white wine was delicious and crisp. I wish I actually took some pictures of the food. But to be honest, I was so hungry by the time the food was served. And I am VERY AWARE of the fact that if I spent time taking pictures, my fast-eating food-loving boyfriend will eat everything before I get chance!

The sunsets were unreal in Santorini. We had a great view from our hotel room balcony. I highly recommend this hotel, Sunny Villas in Imerovigli of Santorini Island. We grabbed a nice bottle of white wine and had some snacks of tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, and garlicky salami from the nearby store. The wine was the Hatzidakis Winery Santorini 2007. It was so good that when we finished the bottle, my boyfriend ran back to the store right before the sunset to grab another one. We did some wine tasting and also really liked the Boutari Winery Santorini 2007. The best thing about drinking these white wines is that these Assyrtiko grapes are indigenous to Santorini, unlike some of the other grapes that were brought over from other wine countries.

Those who haven't been to Santorini, you have to go ... This was seriously my first vacation that I wasn't happy to be home in New York City! I still miss you Santorini!


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